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Printing Consumables Provided by Eastern Marking Machine Corp.

Eastern Marking Machine Corp. offers a variety of inks. Depending on your application and the material you are printing on, we have ink that will fully satisfy you. The inks EMMCORP offers are constantly improved and if needed, adapted to your needs. Enabling adhesion to various substrate materials such as metals, plastics and coated finishes. This and our 203 years of combined experience makes our inks one of the best, if not the best, in the market. The ink formulation is such that an excellent opaqueness is achieved while using a minimum of ink. Compared to other inks you have less ink related problems and your printing process will become more cost-effective using EMMCORP ink.

For your convenience, we offer our inks in tubes and cartridges for clean and efficient use or in 1 kg tubs. Some inks are available in 32 standard colors plus process and custom colors (PMS, Pantone etc.)

EMMCORP's inks can be used with pad, screen and offset printing machines.

Inks in tubes   UV Drying Ink   Thermosetting Ink   Special Inks   Spare Parts

UV drying ink

UV drying inks will remain workable until exposed to UV light. Then it cures instantly. We recommend this type of ink for high-speed applications and for applications with many color changes. UV ink should be used, if you do not want to clean-up the machine after use. UV ink is the economic choice for these applications.

On many substrates UV ink provides a better adhesion than conventional inks. It is impervious to most chemicals and in many cases performs equal to epoxy inks.

Thermosetting ink

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Our Thermosetting inks will cure with a hot air blower in a couple of seconds or when exposed to air over a period of time. This ink does not dry as quickly as conventional air-drying inks and stays fresh over a longer period when not in use. If you have continuous ink feeding and can afford to clean the machine, this ink is your economical choice. It is available in 32 standard colors or customized shades. See our color chart.

Color Chart
Color Chart

Air drying ink

EMMCORP's air-drying inks are offered in a large variety of colors, excellent coverage with low ink usage. To cure this ink, exposure to air is sufficient. To be able to use it over a longer period a retarder is available. This ink is heat resistant to up to 250º F (120º C)

Special inks

Some applications require inks to meet special standards (e.g. MIL) or unusual abrasion resistance. For such cases, EMMCORP carries 1 and 2-part epoxy inks to meet your needs. Please describe what you need, so we can help you finding the adequate ink for your application.  

Spart Parts

Spare parts and rubber rollers come directly from the manufacturer. In order to minimize possible machine related downtimes, we have established partnership links with the sub-suppliers. This guarantees the quality and reliability of our spare parts. 203 years of experience and customer's feedback, allow us to constantly improve the quality of these parts, making them last longer, reduce costs and downtime.

EMMCORP keeps standard "wear and tear" parts in stock. Other parts are available with a minimum of delay, due to our direct connection with the manufacturer, in-house manufacturing capabilities and fast transportation. Even in an emergency, parts are readily available..