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About Eastern Marking Machine Corp.

EMMCORP represents 203 years of combined experience within the marking industry, ranging from manual, stand-alone printers, to high-speed precision marking solutions. Our experienced engineering team develops customized marking solutions for specific, typical and atypical production environments. We will help selecting the most efficient and effective marking process: Laser (YAG), Offset Printing, Ink-Jet marking, Dot Peen (Pin Marking), Stamping or Hot Stamping. The result is reliable, durable, user friendly, high quality precision marking equipment. You will find our equipment in the ad specialty, automotive, electronics, environmental, metal, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries markets, wherever precision and accuracy are required. We will be glad to assist you, or make recommendations, choosing the most efficient marking solution for your application.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or problems regarding marking, toll free at 800-835-2393.